Java Tutorials

The articles in this section provide a list key concepts to learn Java programming language. These Java tutorials are essential for anybody taking up a career as a Java developer.

Basic Java Tutorials

Java String introduction

Java is pass by value

Enum Types in Java

Generics in Java

Java Concurrency Tutorials

Approaches to create threads in Java

Thread Pools in Java

Synchronization in Java

Java Callable and Future

Java Semaphore

Java CountDownLatch

Java CyclicBarrier

Java Exchanger

Java Atomic Variables

Java ReentrantLock

Java ReentrantReadWriteLock

Design Patterns in Java

Approaches to implementing Singleton pattern in Java

XML handling in Java

SAX Parser to read XML file in Java

DOM Parser to read XML file in Java

Transform XML using XSLT in Java

Parse XML file using XPath in Java

Validate XML against XSD in Java

JAXB for XML handling

Java Networking Tutorials

Java TCP/IP Sockets

Java UDP Sockets

Java URL and URLConnection

Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)

JDBC Quick Start

JDBC Database Access Examples

JDBC Handling Transactions

Logging in Java

Using Log4j for debugging in Java

Log4j properties configuration examples


Java Messaging Service (JMS) using ActiveMQ

Java RMI

FreeMarker Introduction